So I’ve been home for just over 3 weeks, I’m pretty sure anyone reading this who knows me will know I was in a psychiatric hospital for 10 and a half months following a huge breakdown. But less of that because that’s not a happy thought, and from now on all I want is happiness and happy thoughts. I promised myself in hospital round about the time I started responding well to treatment that once I got well enough to be discharged I would make a massive effort to make a better life for myself. And I am, since I’ve been home I’ve been out to dinner, to the cinema, out shopping, to the park, to a party (ann summers very fun I highly recommend them) and enjoyed lots of family time. These are all things I wanted to do whilst stuck in hadleigh unit and promised myself I would do on being discharged. So far I’ve kept my promise to myself not that it’s always easy, being a sufferer of anxiety and depression the easiest thing to want to do is lie in bed and not face the world most of the time . But in doing that I might aswell be stuck back in hadleigh with no quality of life, and I want a quality of life.. A good one. But in all honesty I love being home, it almost feels as though I never went away. My room is as I left it, my wonderful family are still wonderful, my brother still annoys my. So all is going aswell as can be expected really, so now to carry on doing normal things, trying not to dwell on the horror that was hospital and just living really .. That’s what we were all put here to do right?

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